“It’s not if you get them but when.” That’s the popular saying around Tucson. And for good reason, because its true. Termites are our biggest threat when it comes to insects invading our homes, and the Arizona desert climate is perfect conditions for termites to thrive.


The most common termite subspecies in Arizona is the Subterranean termite. The subterranean termite live in vast colonies underground. The colony consists of Soldiers, Reproductives, and workers, and can grow to tens of thousands of members in each colony. A typical lot can have up to 20 colonies in the ground under your home, YIKES!! As seen in the picture below, termites use “mud tunnels” to travel in and inter your home. Checking the exterior foundation once a month is the easiest way to find out if termites have invaded your home.

termite tunnel 2.JPG

Termites are most active during and after the monsoon season. The humidity and the high temperatures are perfect conditions for the reproductive termites to emerge from their colony in search for new grounds to start a new colony. After a storm, its common to see colonies flying in the air in small groups. Although they are hopeful to find a new home only a mere 3% survive this journey. The Alates (reproductive termites) look different then the rest of the termites in the colony. One main difference is they are the only ones with wings. Also they are darker then the workers and soldiers. Once they land they soon lose their wings and start a new colony. Only one of them will become queen and a new colony has formed.

Although termites can be highly invasive and potentially devastating to ones home, they can easily be prevented with the help of a professional. We at Tucson Pest Control can provide the best protection to your home lasting for years, and preventing termites from eating your home. Our warranty will insure you sleep well with a sound and stable roof over your head. Contact us at 520-775-1845 to schedule your FREE termite inspection.

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Why Choose a Small Pest Control Business

     You have a pest issue and need to resolve it fast. You go online and search pest control companies near you, but not sure which one to pick. In this blog I want to express to you the differences you will experience with locally owned pest control businesses compared to the big boys pest companies.  

     There are about 250 pest control companies in the Tucson area. Some are national franchises with offices all over town, but the majority of them are small businesses like Tucson Pest Control. Most of the Small businesses you really haven't heard of because they are easily weeded out by the bigger companies. But with a little research you'll find great local companies.

     Quality Service

     The pest control business is very competitive. You have each company competing to gain your business. Once they do, a lot forget you're a customer.  What I mean by that is once they lock you in with an annual contract thats all they want. The service provided is not the best and a lot of times your issue isn't resolved. The big franchise companies have a head quarters out of state and they are mostly only worried about their bottom line. 

     When you choose a local pest control company like Tucson Pest Control, I guarantee your pest need will be met. Being a small business I know my reputation is on the line. Not doing my best at each and every service can greatly effect the outcome of my business. I Provide an initial 10 Step process to protect your home, with a 7 step maintenance program. Your pest problems will be no more, but if for some reason they persist, we will be there till they are resolved. Out typical maintenance service will last anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the service and the size of the house. 

A Company Who Cares

     Tucson Pest Control cares about you and your home. Our goal is to make you feel like you are treated like royalty. Yes, we have other customers to service, but when we are at your house, you are all that matters. We make sure to schedule enough time in to do the job right. And we only give our tech just the right amount of appointments so he isn't over worked. An over worked tech, can do a sloppy job due to the fact that he is rushing through on over scheduled route. The quality of the service is way below par, and a follow up service is usually not far behind. Most of the national companies run their techs 12-15 stops a day which definitely lowers a tech ability to provide the service you deserve. 

Deal With The Owner

   Have you ever had an issue and needed to talk to upper management to get it resolved, but sometimes upper management isn't available. With Tucson Pest Control That will never be the case. One of the most notable ways we are different from other pest control companies is each time you get service done at your house, you are getting the owner of the company to service your home for you. Why is this important? Because instead of having on over run, overly tired tech speed through your house, you will have  the owner of the company taking his time to make sure your service is top notch. If any issues reside they can be addressed right there and then. Like I stated before, My business is my reputation and I will do my best to provide a quality service so that you are happy to refer me to your friends.

Local Business

     When you have a pest issue please remember to call a locally owned company like Tucson Pest Control. Calling a local company can benefit you greatly. Not only are you going to help the local economy, but Tucson Pest Control is highly informed about our local desert pest. Being a Native Tucsonan I have seen almost every pest our ecosystem has to offer. I can provide a solution that makes the best sense to our environment and your home. If its dealing with our pesky packrats, and finding a solution to keep them out of your cars. Or maybe you want to protect your kids and pets from the scary scorpions. Tucson Pest Control are experts at both of these pest.  

     Remember to always choose a local business whenever you are purchasing goods or services. If you have any pest issue, and want a professional who cares, and will guarantee a quality service, then call Tucson Pest Control. We will be happy to serve you. We PROMISE to always do our best to protect your home from pest. Call now to schedule an appointment with Tucson Pest Control 


Round Tailed Ground Squirrels


      Tucson and much of the desert southwest is covered with various types of rodents. In this Blog we will be discussing the Round Tailed Ground Squirrel. Most people confuse them with a prairie dog or rock squirrel. The round tailed squirrels are commonly seen starting in March through September or October. They can be very active during the summer months and even on the hottest of days.  Often times you will see them cooling off under a shade tree. 


      The round tailed squirrel live in an under ground tunnel system and generally only emerge in search of food or a new home. During the winter months they will live under ground in the tunnels. They do not hibernate, but instead go into torpor. Torpor is the state of decreased physiological activity in an animal, usually by a reduced body temperatu/.re and metabolic rate. 


     These rodents are known to have unto 5 pups per litter and can reach sexual maturity in just under 1 year.  They can live unto 5 years in the wild creating massive tunnel systems over the years.  

     With the combination of the rate the round tailed squirrel reproduces, and the massive tunnel systems they create is what makes them such a nuisance. The squirrels are known to dig in soft dirt. They are commonly found burrowing under paved patios, common areas in neighborhoods, and desert areas surrounding homes. 


   The damage these rodents cause can be devastating and very costly.  The tunnels easily become weak over time and with the weight of pavers, can cause them to collapse, thus causing the pavers to become uneven. Also they are known to chew irrigation lines, leaving leaks in your irrigation system. Roots are often chewed on as well causing the plants and vegetation to die around your home. 

     If you have noticed the cute little squirrels around your property, don't let them fool you. They can be very destructive. Eradicating/controlling their population is important to your livelihood.  Call Tucson Pest Control to help you prevent these rodents form causing any damage to your yard.


What 7 Bugs to Expect With Springtime (part 2)

     In last weeks blog we covered 3 different pest; the scorpion, bees, and the black widow.  This week will have 4 more to cover.  This blog will cover Mosquitoes, Crane Flies, and American Roaches.  Again we will go over a quick description of each insect, and how to prevent them. So lets get started.



     When the temperatures rise  and the rain starts to fall, it suddenly becomes a prime time for mosquitoes to come out and BITE. Arizona has over 40 different species of mosquitoes, 2 of which really matter. These are the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes http://www.azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/mosquito-borne/index.php#dengue-home .  These mosquitoes carry diseases like Dungue, Chikungunya, Zika and the West Nile Virus.  

     In order to successfully control mosquitoes both the homeowner and your pest professional need to work together to eliminate the adults and eliminate the breeding sites.  Breeding sites include bird baths, old tires, buckets, flower pots, children toys, unused pools and more. https://extension.arizona.edu/sites/extension.arizona.edu/files/pubs/az1221-2013.pdf  Contact Tucson Pest Control for help control ing Mosquitoes




     Arizona has its variety of ants. The most common we see are the red fire ants, rover ants, (mostly found in kitchen counter tops and bathroom sinks), and the small piss ants (argentine ants). However there are more than 300 different species of ants in Arizona. Some ants are known to fly and are commonly mistaken for termites. Most ants build a colony under ground and can grow anywhere from a couple hundred ants to hundreds of thousands of ants.

     To control ants, you first need to understand their biology. Ants are social creatures and travel by pheromone. Blocking any entry points into a home is a great way to keep them out. For small cracks caulking works wonders. Granulars and nest treatments will help eliminate the colony.


Crane Flies



     Crane flies are also one of those pest that come out  during warmer temperatures.  I get alot of customers whom mistake these for "giant mosquitoes".  I don't blame them for the description because it really does look like a giant mosquito, but the nice thing about them is that they do not bite and leave a red itchy mark on you.  When they start to emerge one can easily find 10-100 around the house. As adults they only live about 10-15 days.

     To control the crane fly its best to do when they are in the larvae stage. Spot treatments or broadcast sprays can be implemented to control the larvae.  The best way to control the adults will be to encourage natural predators.  Installing bird feeders will attract birds to your house and naturally they will feed on the adult crane flies. Pesticides aren't always the best answer.


American Roaches


     American roaches are our last insect of the 7 Springtime pest. The warm temps and moist air are ideal for these insects to become active. American roaches are also known as the sewer roach, or palmetto bug. They are anywhere from 1/2" long to 3" long. They fly, and are most active during the night time.  

     American roaches can be treated with an ongoing maintenance program. If a big infestation is discovered it might help if you contact the city and ask when the last time they treated the sewers. Also getting rid of any decaying matter that they might feed on is big when implementing eradication methods.


Give Tucson Pest Control a call if you are having an issue with any of these pest and would like a FREE analysis of your home.  We are professionals dedicated to find a solution to your pest problems. If you have any questions or would like to know more about one of these pest or want to know more about anything pest control related, just leave it in the comments and I'll be sure to address them.  Thanks for reading.












What 7 Bugs to Expect With Springtime (part 1)

     Spring is just around the corner, and just like the sudden burst of blooming flowers, so will the insect population bloom.  Most of the insects discussed in this blog can be very dangerous. We will discuss each insect and you will learn how to avoid contact with these particular pest.



      Arizona is known for its variety of scorpions, which if stung by one of these critters can be very painful or even deadly. These scorpions very in size, anywhere from a 1/4" to 5". I've personally seen one about 7" long. It came out of a tree stump I was sitting next to one afternoon. Death by a scorpion is very rare, the most venerable however are the very young (Infants), or elderly. 

     Your best bet to prevent scorpions from entering your home is to seal any openings they may use to get in. Scorpions can enter you home through any crack or crevice as thin as a credit card. Having a home inspection and sealed for such holes by a  pest professional can help reduce the entry points to your home. 

     The main food source for a  scorpion are crickets. Crickets love to get inside your walls to nest. If crickets are in your walls, the scorpions will follow soon after. Remove the crickets and send the scorpions hunting elsewhere for food.




     When you see bees in Arizona assume they are Africanized Killer Bees. For one to simply say, "I think those are honey bees" is a dangerous assumption. If you are not an expert in bees you will not be able to tell the difference until its too late. Honey bees and africanized bees are virtually the same thing. The only real difference is once provoked, the africanized bees are known to be very aggressive and will do anything to protect the queen bee. 

Bees usually will make a nest in anywhere they feel protected. Caves, attics, walls, eves, water meters, and abandon cars are just a few spots I've run across bee hives. Sometimes you will see a hive all balled up on a tree. Most of the time they are just resting from a long flight in search of a new home.

If you notice a hive near by your home don't get too close. Try not to make any loud nosies or vibrations as this will agitate them. Protect your home, kids, and pets by calling the professionals at Tucson Pest Control to remove the bees for you.





     The black widow is one of those pest that are actually active all year round. During the springtime however sightings of these spiders may be more common.  I have walked around homes that haven't had a pest service in a while and counted 20 plus black widows.

     The black widow bite is known to be the most venomous spider bite in all of North America according to National Geographic. The female is black with a red hour glass shape on her belly. She is about 3/4 bigger then the male. Once mating is complete the female will then kill the male and use his body to deposit her eggs into. And that how they get the name "Black Widow".

     Keeping crickets, roaches, and other spiders way from your home will help reduce the numbers of black widows around your home. Seal any gaps around your j-trim as this is the most common hiding spot for these deadly spiders. 


Follow us next week for the second part of this blog. find out what other pest to look out for as the springtime rolls around. Again most of these pest are dangerous to be in contact with. The ones listed in this weeks blog can leave a very painful bite/sting.  Next week we will discuss  some common pest that can transmit diseases, and one pest that is commonly confused with another but is harmless.

If you are interested in a certain pest, and would like to know some helpful tips on how to get rid of them, or if you enjoyed this blog please leave a comment.