Scorpions are one of the scariest desert pest, and can be vary painful if stung. They like to hide in small cracks in and around your house, under rocks, and in block walls. The main food source for scorpions are crickets. Tucson Pest Control  has a variety of tools and tactics to prevent these horrifying stinging insects from harming you, your kids, and pets.


Inspection and prevention

Identify where the scorpions are resting is crucial to prevention. A combination of treatments with  long residuals will be applied to help prevent scorpions from harming you.

Home sealing SERVICE

A scorpion can fit into the smallest of cracks and crevices around your home. Then gaining access into desired areas inside your walls where crickets are generally found. We can seal the small cracks and holes around your home to help prevent scorpions from entering.

Black light sevice

Scorpions like to hunt at night when crickets come out to sing. They have a layer called the hyaline layer which allow them to glow while under an ultraviolet light. A tech will go around your property searching in known harborage points for these glowing critters and remove them from the premises.

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