Why Choose a Small Pest Control Business

     You have a pest issue and need to resolve it fast. You go online and search pest control companies near you, but not sure which one to pick. In this blog I want to express to you the differences you will experience with locally owned pest control businesses compared to the big boys pest companies.  

     There are about 250 pest control companies in the Tucson area. Some are national franchises with offices all over town, but the majority of them are small businesses like Tucson Pest Control. Most of the Small businesses you really haven't heard of because they are easily weeded out by the bigger companies. But with a little research you'll find great local companies.

     Quality Service

     The pest control business is very competitive. You have each company competing to gain your business. Once they do, a lot forget you're a customer.  What I mean by that is once they lock you in with an annual contract thats all they want. The service provided is not the best and a lot of times your issue isn't resolved. The big franchise companies have a head quarters out of state and they are mostly only worried about their bottom line. 

     When you choose a local pest control company like Tucson Pest Control, I guarantee your pest need will be met. Being a small business I know my reputation is on the line. Not doing my best at each and every service can greatly effect the outcome of my business. I Provide an initial 10 Step process to protect your home, with a 7 step maintenance program. Your pest problems will be no more, but if for some reason they persist, we will be there till they are resolved. Out typical maintenance service will last anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the service and the size of the house. 

A Company Who Cares

     Tucson Pest Control cares about you and your home. Our goal is to make you feel like you are treated like royalty. Yes, we have other customers to service, but when we are at your house, you are all that matters. We make sure to schedule enough time in to do the job right. And we only give our tech just the right amount of appointments so he isn't over worked. An over worked tech, can do a sloppy job due to the fact that he is rushing through on over scheduled route. The quality of the service is way below par, and a follow up service is usually not far behind. Most of the national companies run their techs 12-15 stops a day which definitely lowers a tech ability to provide the service you deserve. 

Deal With The Owner

   Have you ever had an issue and needed to talk to upper management to get it resolved, but sometimes upper management isn't available. With Tucson Pest Control That will never be the case. One of the most notable ways we are different from other pest control companies is each time you get service done at your house, you are getting the owner of the company to service your home for you. Why is this important? Because instead of having on over run, overly tired tech speed through your house, you will have  the owner of the company taking his time to make sure your service is top notch. If any issues reside they can be addressed right there and then. Like I stated before, My business is my reputation and I will do my best to provide a quality service so that you are happy to refer me to your friends.

Local Business

     When you have a pest issue please remember to call a locally owned company like Tucson Pest Control. Calling a local company can benefit you greatly. Not only are you going to help the local economy, but Tucson Pest Control is highly informed about our local desert pest. Being a Native Tucsonan I have seen almost every pest our ecosystem has to offer. I can provide a solution that makes the best sense to our environment and your home. If its dealing with our pesky packrats, and finding a solution to keep them out of your cars. Or maybe you want to protect your kids and pets from the scary scorpions. Tucson Pest Control are experts at both of these pest.  

     Remember to always choose a local business whenever you are purchasing goods or services. If you have any pest issue, and want a professional who cares, and will guarantee a quality service, then call Tucson Pest Control. We will be happy to serve you. We PROMISE to always do our best to protect your home from pest. Call now to schedule an appointment with Tucson Pest Control