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Round Tailed Ground Squirrels


      Tucson and much of the desert southwest is covered with various types of rodents. In this Blog we will be discussing the Round Tailed Ground Squirrel. Most people confuse them with a prairie dog or rock squirrel. The round tailed squirrels are commonly seen starting in March through September or October. They can be very active during the summer months and even on the hottest of days.  Often times you will see them cooling off under a shade tree. 


      The round tailed squirrel live in an under ground tunnel system and generally only emerge in search of food or a new home. During the winter months they will live under ground in the tunnels. They do not hibernate, but instead go into torpor. Torpor is the state of decreased physiological activity in an animal, usually by a reduced body temperatu/.re and metabolic rate. 


     These rodents are known to have unto 5 pups per litter and can reach sexual maturity in just under 1 year.  They can live unto 5 years in the wild creating massive tunnel systems over the years.  

     With the combination of the rate the round tailed squirrel reproduces, and the massive tunnel systems they create is what makes them such a nuisance. The squirrels are known to dig in soft dirt. They are commonly found burrowing under paved patios, common areas in neighborhoods, and desert areas surrounding homes. 


   The damage these rodents cause can be devastating and very costly.  The tunnels easily become weak over time and with the weight of pavers, can cause them to collapse, thus causing the pavers to become uneven. Also they are known to chew irrigation lines, leaving leaks in your irrigation system. Roots are often chewed on as well causing the plants and vegetation to die around your home. 

     If you have noticed the cute little squirrels around your property, don't let them fool you. They can be very destructive. Eradicating/controlling their population is important to your livelihood.  Call Tucson Pest Control to help you prevent these rodents form causing any damage to your yard.