Spring Is Just Around The Corner...And So Are The Bugs

Spring Is Around The Corner...And So Are The Bugs.

As we all know winter in Tucson isn't much of a winter at all, and it doesn't seem to last very long.  Here we are in February and temps are already up in the 80's which is perfect temperatures for the creepy crawlies to start emerging from their hiding spots. You see our winters aren't really cold enough to keep the bugs away. They just find a cozy spot (mostly in your house where you can't see)and come out when temperatures are more appealing.  With the temperatures rising, so will the flux of insects you see around your home. Everything from scorpions, black widows, crickets, roaches and more. If you want to get a head of these pest before they start invading your home, call us for a free pest analysis of your home and see what discounts we have available for you. A State Certified Technician can implement a plan to provide the best protection for your family and furry friends from these invaders and will stand by it with 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE .

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