“It’s not if you get them but when.” That’s the popular saying around Tucson. And for good reason, because its true. Termites are our biggest threat when it comes to insects invading our homes, and the Arizona desert climate is perfect conditions for termites to thrive.


The most common termite subspecies in Arizona is the Subterranean termite. The subterranean termite live in vast colonies underground. The colony consists of Soldiers, Reproductives, and workers, and can grow to tens of thousands of members in each colony. A typical lot can have up to 20 colonies in the ground under your home, YIKES!! As seen in the picture below, termites use “mud tunnels” to travel in and inter your home. Checking the exterior foundation once a month is the easiest way to find out if termites have invaded your home.

termite tunnel 2.JPG

Termites are most active during and after the monsoon season. The humidity and the high temperatures are perfect conditions for the reproductive termites to emerge from their colony in search for new grounds to start a new colony. After a storm, its common to see colonies flying in the air in small groups. Although they are hopeful to find a new home only a mere 3% survive this journey. The Alates (reproductive termites) look different then the rest of the termites in the colony. One main difference is they are the only ones with wings. Also they are darker then the workers and soldiers. Once they land they soon lose their wings and start a new colony. Only one of them will become queen and a new colony has formed.

Although termites can be highly invasive and potentially devastating to ones home, they can easily be prevented with the help of a professional. We at Tucson Pest Control can provide the best protection to your home lasting for years, and preventing termites from eating your home. Our warranty will insure you sleep well with a sound and stable roof over your head. Contact us at 520-775-1845 to schedule your FREE termite inspection.

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